Do solar plants produce energy on cloudy days? Yes!

Solar 21
July 3, 2019

Solar plants continue to thrive, even on cloudy days

Summer has arrived in Italy which is good news for our solar plants. People often ask what happens to energy production from our solar plants on cloudy days. On a typical clear, sunny day, the system’s power graph forms a bell curve with the highest energy production around noon, when the sunshine is greatest. Contrast that with the power production on a cloudy day. As the sun’s rays make their way through rain and clouds, power production is still quite high. The amount of electricity generated is dependent on the density of cloud coverage. A gloomy day will result in reduced power production, but thankfully those days are very rare in Italy. Our plants are made up of about 40,000 individual solar modules. Last year, they produced about 14,500,000 kWh preventing about 8,700 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. We are ready to take advantage of the sunshine over the spring and summer months, resulting in strong power output and solid returns to our investors.

Solar plant power production on a sunny day
Solar plant power production on a cloudy day  
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