Going green in our Rathcoole Office

Solar 21
October 30, 2018

As a company, we believe in doing good beyond our environmental mission.

As a company, we’re focused on renewable energy. Collectively, our projects reduce carbon emissions by 282,000 tonnes of C02 every year. That’s the equivalent of taking more than 60,000 cars (each travelling an average of 11,000 miles) off the road for a year!

But we also believe in the power of little things. With that in mind, we set about ‘greening’ our Rathcoole office.Over the last year, the company has grown significantly. With teams in Dublin, the UK and Italy, much of our work happens online. Rather than getting everyone together in the room, we rely on team conference calls and Skype for Business to do our work. We’re far from a paperless office, but we are conscious of what we print and use the double-sided option where possible. There are recycling bins throughout the office and our shredded waste is also recycled. We sort our kitchen waste into green and black bin waste, and are looking into getting a compost bin.Like most offices, we drink a lot of tea and coffee but most staff have reusable cups which reduces waste. We use the TaxSaver scheme to encourage staff to use public transport and have showering facilities available for those energetic colleagues who like to cycle or run to work.We recently installed hand dryers to reduce the use of paper towels, which aren’t recyclable. As with most small changes to the office, this makes financial sense too. The dryers have a pay back period of less than a year!And we’re not finished yet. We’re planning to eliminate single-use plastic cutlery and beakers from the office and are researching stationery made from recycled paper. We’re far from perfect, but all these little changes add up to make a real difference. It makes good business sense too. Each small change has a positive impact on the environment, and on the company’s bottom line. That’s what we can a win win!

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